In the 1800’s a band of settlers were pursuing some Comanche’s. They hid in ambush in a gap in the Kothman Mountains while their horses were tied in a nearby thicket. When the settlers returned to their mounts, the horses had been badly eaten by horseflies, and the spot was consequently named Fly Gap.

We are the offspring of these settlers and we are devoted to preserving community and culture through wine.


At Fly Gap Winery the spirit of our Winemaking Philosophy is to showcase the terrior of each vineyard site while going with the grain of the fruit and letting it guide us as well.

We passionately believe that we are located in one of the world’s great winemaking regions. Mason County has arguably the most diverse terrior in the world with its many vastly different soil types and changes in sunlight exposure throughout hilly terrain. Our long term goal is to highlight the schist, granite, sandstone, and limestone of Mason County by planting estate vineyards in each soil type.

We are also dedicated to working with other Texas AVA grape growers and sharing their stories and passion through our winemaking as well.

We are all in this together.  We believe in Mason, We believe in Texas.

                                                      – Brock Estes


The Estes roots run deep in Fly Gap territory. Growing up in those hills, Brock Estes had a passion for the land from an early age. After working as an intern with winemaker Don Pullum in 2006, he found a new way to experience the land and our culture through winemaking. He fell in love with wine that summer – and dreamed of one day growing his own fruit from this soil.

In 2012, he started Fly Gap Winery, located in the heart of the Llano Uplifts. With each glass of wine, his dream comes to fruition.

fly gap picture of horse fly at fly gap-2