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About Us

Our Story


 In the 1800's a band of settlers were pursuing some Comanche's. They hid in ambush in a gap in the Kothman Mountains while their horses were tied in a nearby thicket.  When the settlers returned to their mounts, the horses had been badly eaten by horseflys, and the spot was consequently named Fly Gap. We are the offspring of these settlers and we are devoted to preserving community and culture through wine.   

Our Land



Fly Gap Winery is located in the heart of the Llano Uplifts.  Granitic Sand is the makeup of our estate vineyard site, and 2 ft below the surface the granite is currently still under decomposition.  Very little to no water at the site, so we are faced with many challenges of capturing the water we need.  Beautiful grass fields and hilly mountains make up the landscape around Fly Gap Winery.  

Our Wines


 Our Wines are unique because they are fermented in house made concrete fermenters.  Some of the Wine is stored in concrete, while others are stored in nuetral oak, or oak barrels. We are striving of a style that is unique to the world and unique to Mason County.  We our customers to experience the land and our culture through each glass of wine.   

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Fly Gap Winery

Mason, Texas, United States

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